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2/17/2017 12:00:00 AM EASTERN
Updated: 2/17/2017 1:37:26 PM EASTERN
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Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center Holds Employee Recognition Program
left to right: Karen Simm

Brawler. Renegade. Warrior. Not words you would typically use to describe hospital employees. Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center its new employee recognition program, “Claxton Defenders,” shows that these are good characteristics in employees to ensure the best care is provided to patients. The following awards were made during a recent awards ceremony.


A Brawler effectively manages challenge and hardship; is strong and confident; and empowers others. The employee recognized as a Brawler was Joy Walker, physical therapist. Joy has been employed at Claxton-Hepburn since 1998.  Joy is a stabilizing force in the physical rehabilitation department.  Her calm and caring attitude has won over the most difficult patients.


A Renegade is a troubleshooter and problem solver; an innovator; and continuously seeks improvement. The employee recognized as a Renegade was Doug Hadlock, network adminstrator. Doug has been employed at Claxton-Hepburn since 2010.  Doug has the ability to come up with ingenious solutions to complicated needs by leveraging existing resources or acquiring technology from uncommon places, which saves thousands of dollars.


A Warrior is a team player; is fully engaged in their role; and dependable and has the power to endure. The employee recognized as a Warrior was Karen Simmons, patient care technician at the Agarwal Renal Center. Karen has been employed at Claxton-Hepburn since 1980. Karen is a hard-working, dedicated, accountable employee.  Her positive attitude, strong work ethic, and devotion to our patients make Karen a great asset to our organization.


Each winner received flowers, a recognition certificate, gift cards, a special parking space, and lunch with CEO Nate Howell at a restaurant of their choice. New Claxton Defenders will be recognized each quarter. Employees are nominated by co-workers and supervisors.


The Claxton Defenders Employee Recognition Program is part of Claxton-Hepburn’s marketing campaign, “Tomorrow is worth defending.”